And sometimes I still like to do a little acting now and then…


Penny Bogg’s Cooking Vlog!

This little video for Home and Family turned out to be a nice trailer for my Cooking Vlog.

To see the rest of the series, please feel free to click this link and check out more episodes.


A few other favorite T.V projects have been appearing on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Sam & Cat

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend








Crazy Ex- Girlfriend – Julisa L. Wright from Julisa L. Wright on Vimeo.



In the summer of 2014 and the spring of 2015 I had a great time performing my solo show, Dear Hollywood, based on my short silent film (with the same name).

It began as a short silent film in 2010 and then morphed into a solo show for the Hollywood Fringe Festival of 2015.

The trailers are below:

Dear Hollywood Trailer from Julisa L. Wright on Vimeo.

Dear Hollywood – Fringe Promo from Julisa L. Wright on Vimeo


On Stage

I’ve also enjoyed my time on stage as well (where I first fell in love with acting).

39 Steps (2013)
Caught in the Net (2011)
Dear Hollywood Solo Show (2014/15)
To Kill A Mockingbird (2006)