As I head to my last midterm today I just wanted to write real quick and say just how stinking happy I am that I am back in school and studying something I have always been interested in – but never really had the guts to fully commit and study it… until now.

My classes are tough and challenging but I am inspired to keep pushing and do the best that I can because I sincerely want to know how to be good at Adobe Illustrator, and sketching out floor plans and elevation views. With each day of class, I see more doors opening for me and what I might pursue career wise. The fact that I will have a wide variety of options and paths to follow down after graduating gives me so much joy. For the last 10 years I have been working hard at having some scrap of a career as an actor. I felt so boxed in and helpless. I felt as if all the energy to be creative was beat out of me and I no longer felt like an artist. It’s so difficult to see any kind of progress when working on a monologue or going to an audition (even for some really big productions). At the end of the day I felt I had nothing to show for my hard work.

But now, I have hard copies! Work that I have spent hours on, and the visuals to prove it!

More to come. Tests await!

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