Let’s Break the Rules!

I’m getting restless. Sometimes when I get this way I try to do something drastic. Well, a “safe” drastic. Like change my hair to having bangs… or dying it one shade darker. You know, drastic!

This restlessness has lead to an idea for a fun headshot photo shoot where I will pretty much be breaking every rule for headshots. My mission is to make casting directors smile (perhaps even chuckle) when they see my headshot pop up on the submissions boards. I’ve seen what they see. Page after page everyone one looking the same – especially once you get to the 5th or 17th page of submissions.

I’m bored with following all the rules and playing “nice” and being the good student just waiting for her turn to come…

As Judy sang, “I don’t care, I don’t care…”

This little glow of a lightbulb started a couple weeks ago while I was fortunate to be a reader for Mamma Mia auditions (for the Vegas show). I got to see so many wonderfully talented people and I envied their ability to sing 8 shows a week. Who could belt rock songs and dance long choreographed routines. But what also stood out to me was that a good handful of them all sounded or looked the same. I overheard one of the people at the table mention the actor was good but too mechanic. “Over schooled”. Over schooled?! How is that possible? Here I’ve been kicking myself for not having anything more than an associates degree. Funny how traveling around the world, having real world experience in the business and working in more than one area of the industry I still sell myself short. Lame.

As a lot of us are aware of the Oscars coming up. I’ve seen a handful of the films nominated and I have to admit…I’m a little underwhelmed. I feel that a lot of films these days are just playing it safe. They can’t even come up with a witty title for a sequel. You just slap a number at the end of the title from before. I loved The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel…but I just read they are coming out with a sequel titled…wait for it… The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2. Come on. The cast is mostly British…I expect more from my favorite artists from across the pond.

Oh, excuse me. 21 Jump Street’s next film is … 22 Jump Street. So, there’s that.


So. I’m excited to try branching out a bit more. I don’t like being molded into something I’m not or into something that is just supposed to be “right’.

There were more things I was going to say, but this post has taken me most of the week to write because I’ve been avoiding it or doing what I like to call “creative procrastination”.

Hopefully I’ll get more on track by next week.

Or will I?

I don’t know!!!  I’m a rule breaker!!


Pup and Me 2.14

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