Making Time For Life

It’s easy to get caught up in the biz of things but I remember reading a great blog written by Jenna Fischer right before I moved to LA. She had some wonderful advice that I still hang on to. One very important thing is to make sure you still have a life. You can’t (or shouldn’t) cancel out on trips back home for holidays, weddings of dear friends, or seeing family when it is very dearly needed just so you can be in town in case you get called in.

What reminded me of this piece of advice is that right now my husband and I are in the process of buying a condo. It’s been quite the crazy few weeks as we have just moved back into the city. I was so eager to jump right back into getting my career to the next level. Meeting new people, getting my next silent film from story into pre-poduction mode, meeting with more casting directors, jumping onto an improv team…so many things! But the moment we moved into the city we started looking for a place to buy. My husband is busy working full-time and since I have the wonderful opportunity to be working only part-time I had to take on the brunt of house hunting/buying. My plans for jumping back into the biz were/are on hold.

But thats ok! Right now our priority is getting settled into our new home. What is important in the long run is having a great place to have as our home base. Our retreat and source of rest and creativity.

So maybe I missed out on the opportunity to meet that casting director who would have liked me so much they called me in for that small role that would then make a fan out of the director…blah blah blah. If we can learn anything from this crazy Tinsel Town it’s that the town keeps going. You may miss one opportunity but there are many waves to come. If you take care of your life first, you’ll have plenty more of yourself to bring to the table the next time opportunity knocks. And it will. Have your bags ready and packed by the door for when it calls, but make sure you’re still enjoying that cup of tea with a friend.

Speaking of tea with friends – one of my best friends is getting married to my husband’s brother tomorrow!!!

Time to sign off and be there for my friend who I will soon be calling family.

See you next week!

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