Not Letting the Tinsel Tarnish

I was thinking about how when you read stories or memoirs of actors/artists it is after they are famous. They have made it to their goal. Success – no matter how long and hard the journey, it seems to have paid off.

I won’t lie. I’d like for this series of blogs to turn out that way some day. But if it doesn’t, perhaps I will provide a unique insight into Hollywood. The tales of a no-name actress. No fairytale Hollywood ending. A true Hollywood story. This town is full of so many talented people. So much of this is a numbers game. If I do stay an “unknown” for my life I’ve come to a pleasant acceptance of that. Fame is not what I seek. I’d like to work steadily. I’d like to get paid for my work. If I can achieve that at some point, I will be happy. I think the important thing is to just keep doing what you love – working on your craft and creating awesome stories.  Sometimes millions of people get to see it, sometimes just a handful.

Even those who are famous – or were famous, it hardly ever seems to last a life-time. I do not envy them.

So, Sunday is The OSCARS.

I’ve been pretty harsh on the Oscar nominated films this year. I know that it is rooted in the fact that I love filmmaking and good storytelling. But I just finished a great documentary-ish film from TCM, “And the Oscar Goes To…”. Made me fall in love with the event all over again.

At times I may spiral down the slippery slope of jaded judgement and cynicism. But there is still this little part of me that gets excited about the Oscars. When it comes right down to it, it’s just the Prom of Hollywood once a year. High school never ends here. But who doesn’t like to dress up and feel fancy? The nominated films are just an opinion. It’s just a vote. A select group of people decide what they like, that is it. Meanwhile in the darkness there are so many other talented amazing films being made with little to no one seeing them. That is Hollywood too.

On Sunday I look forward to greeting everyone who comes through the doors at the Dolby with my huge smile and probably some weird “how do you do?!”. It’s a special night for a lot of people and I am thankful I get to join in. I’ll still dream of one day being invited to the event, but for now I’m ok with being paid to be there.

See you on the red carpet!



These are the tales of the no-name actor. 

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