Passing on the Torch

I’m sorry I missed last week. It was my birthday on Wednesday and well…we were in the midst of buying our first condo. We have the keys!!! First time homeowners!!!

Ok.. So, two weekends ago my husband and I went to go see “13” the musical production our theatre company, Big Bear Theatre Project, put on with the local kids. I’ll admit, I was surprised by how moved I was by the end. The lights were nothing fancy and it was a bare bones set but there was nothing lacking or bare in the heart of the kids performing. I had seen where they had started at the beginning and now to see them at showtime was amazing. And how neat it was to hear that the kids were hungry for more! Some had never done musical theatre before (let alone theatre in general), so it was such a great feeling to hear that we had gotten them “hooked”.

On the 15th I volunteered, through the SAG Foundation, to help the literacy and theatre program. For a couple hours that day I helped 5th graders write monologues. It was a blast talking with them and giving them a little nudge when they were unsure of what to write. Some were scared to write anything at all – worried they would write the wrong thing. What a great reminder to myself! There are no mistakes on a first draft. The key is to just write!! And it was  super fun giving ideas of where their imagination could take them. I left the classroom inspired to write my own material.

I’m excited to work more with the kids. I’m loving reading to the kindergarteners and first graders every Monday. I’m probably learning more than they are.

Maybe it’s due to my birthday last week but I feel a new urge, maybe even a necessity, to help the next generation be involved in the arts. I’ve been focused on myself and my own career long enough. I have a good foundation and I’ll keep moving forward but now it’s time to set aside some time to give a hand or an hour to ignite a little spark to the up and coming artists and patrons.

Happy Wednesday my friends.

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