Storm Before the Calm.

Only a quick little post today. Most of my time is spent trying to get this show in ship shape for Saturday.

But I thought I would just check in a say that this is not easy! I’m struggling a bit here. It’s amazing the how loud that evil little inner critic can get. You wonder “why you ever came up with this crazy idea and how dare you ask people to spend some of their Saturday night watching you perform on a stage by yourself saying things your wrote”….lame shit like that.

This afternoon while I was wallowing the idea dawned on me – what if this was the only time I get to do this show? I’ve lost myself so far in the future and how great I hope this show can be…that I’ve lost the pure joy and fun of just performing and telling a fun story. That really what I’m doing. Sharing a funny idea I had. Just for one night. Done.

So with that, it’s back to rehearsals. A little more pep in my step.

See you Saturday!



Oh, and if you’d like more show info:

iO West link

Dear Hollywood promo 2

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