Nailed It

Finals finished!!!

I really love how our final window turned out for Design Installation. The theme was pointillism and we took it to a fun edgy level. I’m pretty sure we used about 15lbs of nails!

It was a fun process to have our original sketch renderings morph into reality with some alterations and last minute change ups.

However, to go from my school project windows to walking along the streets of New York and seeing the immaculate holiday windows….whoa.


Next blog post will be about my amazing (and quick) trip to New York. A dream come true!


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Holy mackerel! Here I am at midterms for my Fall quarter. Just one more quarter to go and I’m done with my program at FIDM. One of my midterm projects was to design and install a visual display window. A year ago I was taking a tour of the school and looking at all the amazing window displays done by the students, and now my very own is out on display.

Our theme was “Steampunk’d” and my group wanted to try something a little different than the usual dark and grungy feel of steampunk. We looked up different cultures and styles and thought it might be fun to try a (pseudo) Chinese Garden. I already had the dress at home so we went from there.

We really liked the idea and challenge of integrating these industrial gears into nature. We know that nature has this amazing power of growing back and taking over, so we used that inspiration as well.

The photo in this post is just a picture I took with my phone after the installation was finished. I will be taking my nicer camera to school next week to get proper photos for my portfolio.

I was just so excited to share the project I had been working on these last few weeks with my team!

More photos to come.

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