Thankful For Hard Work – And Trusting

I figured I would post a little something today since tomorrow I will be on the road heading up to Santa Cruz for Thanksgiving. It will be my third year going there and I could not be more excited.

This week I received a little boost of encouragement. I finally witnessed some of my hard work paying off. Without going into too many details I’ll keep it simple – There are two casting offices I’ve been trying to get called into/noticed by and this last week I had one audition for one office and called in to audition for the other once I get back from Thanksgiving. Hurray!

I was just at a point where I was wondering if what I was doing by staying in touch was working and if my laser pointed focus was a good idea instead of broadening my reach. Turns out, it’s working. I just need to trust in my own unique timing and unfolding of my career. Just keep working hard everyday and something wonderful will happen (Also, it’s nice enjoying the hard work everyday).

I’ll keep it short today. I know a lot of us have Thanksgiving on the mind. All that wonderful food! The great conversations with friends and family! And if you can’t be with family I hope that you find someone to share a little meal with. And if not that, I hope that Thursday surprises and blesses you just for taking time to slow down and breathe.

I am thankful for you and for taking the time out to read this and share a bit of my life with me.


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