The Bechdel Test, etc.

Please forgive me for not writing the last two weeks.

Eric and I finally have gotten ourselves all moved in to our new home. Beyond excited to finally get settled in. I feel like I’ve been in transition for the last 7 months or so. Getting married, deciding to move back to LA, moving to LA, buying a new home, moving into the new home, unpacking… so much was going on and at the forefront of my mind that I would get frustrated when I couldn’t think very clearly about getting my own work done or what it was that I needed to do next. I love being organized and have things planned out but these last few months have felt so foggy.

Finally the fog has lifted. This week has been the first week I have felt at ease and like I’ve finally slowed down enough to get into a regular routine.

This morning I had a lovely writers meeting with my friend Amy and I can’t express how exciting and inspiring it was. Recently (as in just yesterday) I was told about the Bechdel Test for women in movies. Here’s a little re-cap of what it is:

This morning I saw an article about Sweden now placing the The Bechdel Test stamp of approval on films at their theaters. See article here. It seems to be all over the place lately. I like it and its timing as well. Just as I get into the full swing of writing I am inspired to keep these 3 things in mind.
I also like this little test: The Mako Mori Test
I feel like my last silent film followed the Mako test and so does my next one. So that’s good.

There’s plenty more I want to write about and I look forward to writing more about writing, but now I must go write for realsies.

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

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