My Work

Window Displays


Production Design/Set Decorating

For the upcoming television show, Auto Biography, I had a great time working as the Assistant Production Designer & Set Decorator. Dressing the garage was great fun. I felt I was back working and creating things in my grandpa’s shop.


Elwood Takes a Lover (2017)

I had a great time helping with the set decorating on the USC film, Elwood Takes a Lover. The film was directed by John Palmer and the production design was by Sara Fenton.

Elwood Takes a Lover (2017)

I loved the period piece vibe of this film and our location was a really fabulous 1970s house. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post a few more photos in the near future from this project.


For Adventures of Regular Guy Tim, I had the challenge of creating a wizard’s den out of an empty stage and a very very small budget. Thanks to Goodwill, the Dollar Store and my own craftiness I was able to give the creators the look they were dreaming of.

Adventures of Regular Guy Tim (2017) Production Designer

I may have the credit of “set designer” for Piano Lessons, but what I feel is a more truthful title is “set stylist”. Basically, I came in at the last minute to help the director out by looking over her shoot location and stage the elements already included in the house. I love a good challenge of making what is available work and look the best that it can. As Tim Gunn famously says, “Make it work!”. My life motto.

Piano Lessons (2017) Set Stylist



Spring Window Display for Audrey K! 

Had my very first window display project the other weekend. It was such a pleasure to work on a window for one of my favorite boutique shops. Audrey K‘s boutique is located in Burbank, Ca and has some of the most amazing dresses designed by local designers (Audrey included).

When Audrey asked me for some ideas for her Spring windows I originally came up with an idea of having flower pots blooming dresses, but as the creative process goes the idea morphed into these neat Easter baskets.

The materials were simple. Laundry baskets, green easter grass, flowers, and foam cubes were from the dollar store while the ribbon was from Michaels.


The process was pretty simple as well. I weaved the ribbons through the basket and cut a small hole at the bottom so they would fit snuggly on the dress forms.