We’re getting there…!


Well, here I am at 37 weeks pregnant. That in itself seems like a miracle considering where I was in my last post. More than anything my doctor wanted to make sure I at least made it to 32 weeks. Now little Cordelia is still growing and pretty much full term. Huzzah!

Since I last wrote it has been quite an interesting ride. I’ve rediscovered a new artistic side that I had put away for a very long time. Now that I wasn’t able to go out for auditions or work I had to find something to let my creative juices flow. Turns out I forgot how much I loved painting! In the last few months the paintings that I created just to amuse myself amused others and I sold a few! How neat is that? I’ve also learned how to knit and crochet, sew curtains, a table cloth, runner, and made a handful of scarves (some I’ve even sold!).

I’ve also started writing a new solo show about the adventures of pregnancy. It’s amazing how closely it follows the “Hero’s Journey” and all the steps. This show will probably include a panic attack in Babies ‘R Us, a boxing match of The Hospital vs. The Birthing Center, oh, and me crying over a burrito. ‘Cause that actually happened. If anything it has been rather helpful for me to write down all the funny crazy things that happen to you and since we don’t seem to talk about pregnancy much, what it’s like to discover this new land on your own. Just think of it as another coming of age story.

Now that we’re down to the last few days/weeks and I have no idea when Cordelia will decide it’s time to make her big entrance I find myself wondering what this new version of myself will be like. Here I am now, never having been a mother (or had much of a maternal instinct) and knowing that sometime soon I’m going to cross the threshold into a new world. I feel I’ve transformed a bit from who I was before being pregnant, but after baby I sometimes worry about just how much I’ll change. I know we all (hopefully) grow and learn as each year passes, but why am I so afraid of this change? Perhaps I’m worried I will turn in to someone who only posts things about how tired I am and how the baby did this or that cute/aggravating thing. My hope is that if anything, I’ll have a plethora of new comedic material to write and create from. I hope to still perform, direct, write, and continue to build on my artistic career. But I seem to be bombarded with a message from parents saying “good luck” with a smirk. There’s always the eye roll and “ya….”. Look, I know it will be a big change and adventure and hard work, but could you please make it not seem like me, Julisa, will die off. Yeesh.

And please no more warnings about labor. Dear Lord. I do not want to enter that experience full of fear. I have hopes and plans for what it will be like and I’m open to taking things as they come. I’ve done enough research and now it’s left up to just unfold how it will for me.

So, this post is the most pregnant-y post I’ll do. I’m sure I’ll have one post baby’s arrival.

In the meantime while I wait I continue to write and paint. I even am set up to do one more improv show next week. Who knows, I could go into labor on stage! Nothing like adding a little extra drama to a show.


And thank you, dear friends, for all of your support. I’ve had so many people come visit and hang out and send supportive messages. I love you all.




PS: Here are some of my goals for the upcoming year (And are totally possible!):

-Perform Dear Hollywood at the Hollywood Fringe
-Finish writing next solo show
-Perform second solo show
-Teach an improv or acting class again
-Direct a show/film
-Have my artwork in a boutique
-Sell at least one painting on Etsy
-Sing jazz at one venue
-Book one acting gig
-Take second level of Groundlings


Some of my crafty projects:

image10Charlie, Mary, Buster Marx Bros.Maleficent   PaintingsCurtainsHatsCowl Cowl 2Coasters







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